Turn It In

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Some tips on turning in Assignments.


I will usually want to see the following:

Even if I don't mention these things in the Turn it in section of an assignment, you must do them.

Git Tag

After you commit and push, tag your commit like this:

git tag -a vX.X.X -m ""
git push origin vX.X.X

Where vX.X.X is some version number of your choosing. For instance, v1.0.1. Each tag should have a unique version number. Your tag can have more in the string SOME_STRING_CHARLIE_GIVES_YOU, but it must have at least that much. If I don't give you a string, include the name of the assignment exactly as it appears on the Canvas home page.

View tags:

git tag -l -n1

If you have hot yet pushed your tags, you can delete them fairly easily:

git tag -d vX.X.X

To learn more about tags see the git tag documentation