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G## Prog 272 Week 01, 2019

Some notes to help us get started during Week01, spring, 2019.

Getting Started

Our job on this first week will be to get an overview of the subjects to be covered in this class. You will have a few assignments this week:

  1. Write an Introduction in the discussion area
  2. Register for some online sites and create an online presence document.
  3. Get Pristine Lubuntu up and running in VirtualBox.

And here is some optional reading:

  1. Read Crockford on JavaScript.
  2. Using Books 24X7, review Chapter Three from Pro JavaScript by Zakas

I'm not asking you to read every page of Chapter Three from Zakas' book. You should however, become familiar with the material it covers.

  1. Pristine Lubuntu
  2. Getting Started Deck
  3. Syllabus Prog 272: http://bit.ly/prog272-syllabus-2019
  4. Study the all important Resources page
  5. Why Clean Code

VirtualBox and Git


Here are some key links that introduce react and tools we are using.

React Basics Slides:

Install WebStorm

Notes on installing WebStorm: