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Resources for Prog 272

Here I will list various resources for Prog 272.


Assignment Groups

Prog 272 2019 Specific

Node Routes Examples

Useful Assignments

Testing Assignments

React Assignments

Older Assignments

Languages and APIs

The majority of this course is focused on building Cordava and/or web applications designed to run on mobile devices. Hences we will focus largely on HTML, CSS and JavaScript on the front end, and JavaScript and/or Python on the back end. Below I provide links to key descriptions of these languages, APIs and tools.



Working with Buttons, Input Controls and jQuery

Cordova and PhoneGap

Jasmine and Jest



We will probably not being using Java and the Android SDK in this course, but it you want information on the subject, it is here:



Podcasts and Blogs

If you have free time, a long commute, or long walks that you like to take, then it can be nice to listen to podcasts. Here is at least one (of many) places you can find a good list of podcasts:

The Google IO videos are very worth watching:

I'm no longer deeply hooked into the Microsoft world, but I recall the following sites can be useful:

And finally, the videos on Channel 9:

And, of course, there is always something on Elvenware: