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Prog 270 Final 2014

NOTE: This document is not quite final. Begin work on it as soon as possible, but check the announcement area for updates. In particular, expect updates to the Big Share section near the end of this document.

This is the description of the Prog270 Final, given in December, 2014. It is intended to be a review of all the major subjects we have covered this fall.


I will present the details below, but here is an overview of the topics we are covering. Read these carefully so you can understand what I'm expecting to see when you turn in your work.

The primary goals of the final is to give you a chance to show you know how to use:


Put data about the documents you are going to share in Google Sheets and OneDrive Spreadsheets. Place these documents in your shared folder (the one from the Online Presence assignment.) Place it in a directory called Final.

In your documennt there should be at least seven rows of data. You need to fill in three columns:

In the second column, you should include folder names that you shared with me during the Online Presence assignment.

Platform Folder Value
Google Drive Shared folder email
One Drive Shared folder email
Evernote Shared folder email
EC2 Elastic IP Empty
S3 Hyperlink Empty
Google Site Hyperlink Empty

When filling the email values there are a few of you who need to think long and hard before filling them in. Though we have had repeated exercises and reminders that you are not yet sharing your folders with the correct email address, still problems persist. This is the final. You don't want to get it wrong. For help in understanding the email to choose, review the online presence assignment. Here are links to the Online Presence document and links to the places where I specify the email address for each shared folder or document:

Here is the FinalData Sheet on Google Drive:


Here is the FinalData Document in Google Drive:


You will need to create similar documents on OneDrive, like this:


Getting the data from your Microsoft Spread Sheet into a Microsoft Word document may prove to be a bit of challenge. Perhaps I was missing something, but ultimately I had to copy, and/or format, the data one field at a time. In the end, however, it looks create in Word Online:



On your mobile device, provide a screenshots of:

Here is what the Microsoft Office for Android version of the SpreadSheet looks like:


Here is the Microsoft Office for Android version of the Word Document looks like:


Web Page

Take all the images from the previous sections, and do the following with them:

If you are unclear on how to complete the last step, please watch this video. We have done this kind of exercise in previous assignments, but about a fifth of the class was unable to complete this simple exercise. If you have any doubt as to how to proceed, then please watch the video! Its not a question of whether or not you know how to do it, you do, it is just a question of being sure you know what to do!

Organize Your Sites

On all three websites you have placed a number of documents. These sites include:

On at least one of the sites, and perhaps all three, create a main page that links to all your other pages. Think of this as a resume that will detail to perspective employers what you know about creating web sites, and sharing data on mobile sites.

NOTE: Look in the menu for your Google Site and make sure you have checked the button for making your site look good on a mobile site.

Big Share

I will share one document with everyone in the class:

A Google Sheet will be shared with everyone in the class. There will be about 25 rows in the sheet. Your name will be on one of the rows. You should add your favorite:

A few folks seem to be leaving pictures up there too. I suppose that is okay so long as we don't get too carried away....

This part of the assignment is mostly for fun, but please do participate. I will check to be sure you contributed to our group effort.

If you have not yet received an invite then let me know. The invite was sent to the Google email account you gave me in the online presence assignment. If something else went wrong, and you can't access the sheet even though you tried, then let me know.

Final Document

Create a folder in Google Drive called Final. Create a document in that folder called FinalGuide. In that document describe how the final went for you. Use the document to detail any information you think I might need to know when grading your final. In the document, include links to:

Include screen shots of your work on EC2, S3, EverNote, etc. In other words, if for some reason some of the links don't work, let me see this screen shots to confirm that you at least tried to get the data in the right folders.

When I grade your final, I will create document in your Final folder called FromCharlie where I will outline any comments I might have on your final and your performance this quarter.

NOTE: Finals week is stressful. Every once in awhile a student will have a brief meltdown during finals week and use the FinalDocument or some similar location to say things that they really don't want to say to their teacher while the teacher is deciding what grade to give them. Constructive comments are always welcome, but try to keep the tone civil.

Turn it in

Just submit the final by pushing the button. You can provide links in the text area, but everything I need to grade you should be in: