Prog270 Resources 2016 Fall

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Prog 270 Resources

Getting Ready

There is no text for this course. Instead we will use various online resources.

This is not a programming course, but there are a few subjects you could brush up on that will help you survive the more technical aspects of this course. There is no requirement that you do these things, but if you have some free time before class starts, these are subjects that often give students trouble. If you end up using Codecademy, create an account and remember your user name and password:


None Yet


Various diagrams to help understand commonly performed tasks.

Create Site Activities

Review the activities involved in creating a web site on Pristine Lubuntu.

Create Site Activies

Make HTML Workflow

Review of how to run the MakeHtml program.


SSH Key for EC2

The workflow when connecting to EC2 with an SSH key.

SSH Key for EC2

Update Site on EC2

Once you have created the site on Pristine Lubuntu, you want to deploy it on EC2. Here is how to proceed.

Update Site on EC2