We will start with review of GitHub. We will and then pick up a view subjects that we have skipped over. We will also briefly discussing some of the new HTML5 elements and review images and how to validate our HTML documents. This will lead us right into the basics of Cascading Style Sheets. This module contains a few pages on the CSS Box Model; using colors with HTML, and formatting text on a page. 

Module Objectives

Required Reading

HTML & CSS, Duckett : Chapter 10, 11, &17

Continue watching the Lynda video.


HTML5 Demo Files. Demos demonstrating HTML5 semantic elements, plus workaround version for backward compatibility (I'm looking at you, Internet Explorer 8).

CSS Example Files Set 1 These files contain numerous examples of CSS features. 

Practice Image Files. Sample images to use in your documents. They demonstrate various features associated with images: image formats, the HTML5 semantic <figure> element, and CSS properties like vertical-align and float. 

HTML Layout Modes. This zip file contains 2 demos, each representing a different way to layout your page.