Cource Overview

Coure Overview for Prog 109 at Bellevue College

by Charlie Calvert

Course Tips and Overview


Welcome to Programming 109. In this course we will create content that appears in a user’s web browser.

A user's computer is called the client computer. As a result, we can say that this course focuses on client-side web development.

My hope is that I whet your appetite enough to make you want to go on and study this subject in more depth. By the end of the course you should know enough to realize how much you don't know, which is always the point at which a real understanding of a big subject begins.

Web development is a really fun subject, and also a really big one. It is growing and changing at a furious rate. My goal is to get you over the doorstep so you can see inside this big room and begin to sense all the very cool things that can be done once you have mastered the basics.


Click here to view the Syllabus.


There are 3 principle technologies covered in this course:


Here are a few tips that can help you succeed.

  1. Each week, log into the web site on at least four separate days.
  2. Complete all the reading assignments. This is easy the first week or two because we are all excited to learn, but we need to remain vigilant throughout the course.
  3. Never wait until the last hour to complete your assignments. Remember Murphy's Law and assume that there will be technical issues that delay your submission.
  4. Ask technical questions in the discussion area.
  5. Use the Canvas Workshop and Guides. On-campus Canvas workshops are available the first week of the quarter.