Frequently Asked Questions

Which IDE should I use to create my web pages?

An integrated development environment (IDE) can be useful to some web page creators. In this class we will probably use WebStorm or NotePad++.

You may choose to spend the entire quarter working in just notepad++. You may also use another environment such as Sublime Text, Aptana, Webstorm, Dreamweaver, Visual Studio Code, Brackets, or any number of programs out there.

My tool of choice is WebStorm. If you have no preferance, that will probably prove the simplest choice for you.

Can I get WebStorm or VS Code for free?

VS Code is always free. WebStorm is free to students. We will discuss the install elsewhere.

How do I access my free account?
The Bellevue Web site explains how to access
Can I submit work late?
I accept late work but at a price. Details to be explained elsewhere.
My house is burning down and I'm being attacked by orcs. May I submit the assignment a few days late?

Contact me immediately in the case of an emergancy to arrange alternative testing & submission dates.

May I take the test/quiz on a different day?
Please avoid rescheduling the quiz/tests as this creates a hardship for everyone involved.
When are your office hours?
I hope to be available for 1/2 hour after class on Mondays but this depends on factors beyond my control. Contact me to schedule another time if necessary. The backup plan is to meet online Thursday mornings via Google Hangouts.
Is there a tutor?
There may be tutors to help with programming available in the Academic Success Center (located in Bldg D204). This varies from quarter to quarter. If you are looking for tutoring assistance, the best place to start is by calling them at 425-564-2200 or check the website at
I missed class last week. Did I miss anything important?
Some classes are more imporant than others, but each day will have new information. If you are unable to attend class then review the material on Canvas. For further information you will want to consult a fellow student, the book. and the syllabus. In general, my policy is to allow each student to miss one class without comment. If you miss multiple classes then my sympathy for any potential hardships you may encounter might be affected. I am not heartless, but I'm prejudice in favor of students who attend class regularly.
I see that there are multiple Programming 109 classes being offered. May I sit on the other one?
Unfortunately Washington State and Bellevue College do not allow people to sit in on classes they are not enrolled in. Sitting in a different section of 109 is technically a different class. Also, space is often limited in the classes at this time. Therefore if you need extra class time please try to form a study group with other students. 
May I use a video camera, iPhone, or other device to record your lectures?
Perhaps. Yes if it is authorized by DRC (Disability Resource Center). Recording audio may be OK with me, but please check with me first. This is for several reasons including copyright of educational content (both my content and BC's), the privacy of other students in the class, and my privacy.  If you have permission of DRC then it is OK as long as you also agree not to post the recorded audio or video content to internet sites (public or private), or make any content available to anyone else in any format. Please understand that I want to be protective of my own image, and the images/audio of other students, floating around the Internet.
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