Site Theme

Begin Creating Pages Based on a Theme

by Charlie Calvert

Move toward the Midterm

It's time to start thinking about the midterm. This assignment will be the first step on that path.

The midterm will give you a chance to begin to develop a web site based in part on a theme of your choice. For instance, if you are interested in Frogs, then you could create a section of your site based on Frogs.

NOTE: Each student should have a unique theme, or at least a unique approach to their theme. Unless they truly are your passion, I'm expecting that Frogs will not be the subject you write on. Pick something you are interested in.

The details of the midterm are not clear to me yet, but your site will contain:

Assignment Specification

For this assignment, I want you to


Some information on the Wikimedia.

Note that there is a difference between the home page for a particular image, and an actual image to include on your web pages. On the image page, there is a list of several image resolutions. Click on one of these to get to the image for inclusion in your site.

Notice the Use this file and related links on the image home page. More information is available from a Scientific American article on crediting the Wikimedia Commons.

2017-10-29 Frog in Taronga Zoo 3

Photograph by Maksym Kozlenko.  License: CC BY-SA 4.0

Turn it in

Turn in a link to your page running on your live site. That is, a link to the theme directory on your site.