First Web Page


Utilize markup skills learned during the first week of lectures to create a one page HTML document and accompaning CSS file. The HTML document should contain your resume. Try to write something useful, but don't fuss over it unduly. The key to success it iteration. This first time, just get something up there. For inspiration, an example is provided below -- you can use elements from it but don't make your resume look exactly the same!  

Remember: Use the HTML tags covered in the last assignment, plus the link, ul, and li tags. You are going to have to craft this by hand. You can't just use some service to help you create the document and then say "Save as HTML." Build it yourself by hand. If it's got a lot of weird tags in it that we haven't discussed, the end result will not be a happy one.

NOTE: The content should look reasonably okay on both a desktop and mobile device. It may not be quite as well formatted at this stage as you may wish. Be patient. We will iterate later until we get it right. Just submit an html and css document at this time. It does not have to be hosted on a web server yet. 


body {
  font-size: 133%;
  font-family: sans-serif;

Sorry, but I really like large fonts! If I squint too much I get tired too easily, which is not good.


Upload your HTML document to the assignment area by the due date. You may not compress the file as a zip. Just attach the raw html and css files. 

Example Resume
This is an example resume. Readability is the key -- you really want that job at Microsft, Amazon, Google or a startup.