Today in Class: 10-03-18

As we discuss various issues today in class, we will be creating a file called week03-day02.html. This file should be placed in the root of your repository and pushed to GitHub.

When grading this assignment, I will check for the existence of this file and any related files, such as a CSS file, if we create or use one. I'm not looking for specific content in this file, nor am I at all likely to check the file for correctness. I just want to see that the file exists, and that it contains content at least reasonably in accord with what we are doing in class.

I will also be looking at the history of your repository. In particular, I will run the command git log. This will show me how many times you pushed to GitHub this week. I'm expecting to see that you pushed several times today, and hopefully also that you pushed several times on Monday. Regardless, I expect to see that you pushed to GitHub at least 5 times this week.

This assignment has two goals:

A somewhat unintended consequence is that this is also a means of my taking role. If you missed class for some reason, please explain why when you submit the assignment. As explained elsewhere, I will almost always "forgive" a student for missing one class per quarter, which means -- I suppose -- showing mercy when grading this assignment if you missed class. But if you miss multiple classes, I will be looking for a good explanation before letting up on the grading of this assignment.