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The goal will be to add one page to our app (usually called week03-rest-basics) that allows the user to view private, public or all repositories from the developers account.

Put your work in a branch called Midterm. As you begin tag it "Starting Midterm".

For now I think all our components, except Test Routes, and ShowResultServer should be React Class Components. Test Routes and ShowResultServer should be function components. React Function Components (nee Stateless Components) and hooks are great, but they are tested differently that class components and I don't want to make the change right now. GetUser, GetRepos and GetGists should all use ShowResultServer to show the results from pressing You Rang.

NOTE: You may not change any code in the Sanity tests. If you think I have something wrong, please let me know and I will update the tests if necessary and you can reinstall them.

NOTE: At some point over the next few days, I'm likely to update the sanity tests or other parts of this midterm. I assume that you would like to get started as soon as possible, so I've pushed this out now.


Each major React component such as GetUser, GitGist, GetRepos, Qux, TestRoutes must use

Just to be clear, here is a minimal styles function:

const styles = theme => ({
    root: {
        flexGrow: 1


The components/GetUser page might look something like this, but you are free to design it as you wish:

React Git User Fields

IMAGE: The Get User Page

React Git Gist Fields

IMAGE: The Get Gist Page

React Git Gist Fields

IMAGE: The Get Repos Page


Thank you for asking these questions and I'm sorry if the subject caused confusion.

ShowResultServer is designed to handle the display of the /YouRang requests. The typical YouRang request returns a value that looks like this:

response.send({result: 'You rang?', server: 'git-user'});

As you can see, it returns an object literal with two properties:

The eponymously named ShowResultServer component is designed to show these two fields. It exist in order to keep our code DRY. Each of our components is expected to show these fields, so rather than repeating the same code over and over in each component, we write a sub-component called ShowResultServer designed to display these fields.  All of our display display components that call /YouRang should use this component.

This also helps illustrate how to embed one component inside another. This is something that is done all the time:

    <div className={classes.layout}>
        <Grid container spacing={24}>
            // CODE OMITTED HERE
            <Grid item xs={12}>
                <Paper className={classes.paperLion}>
                      // YOU ARE GOING TO NEED TO PASS SOME PROPS
            // CODE OMITTED HERE

The bit about the buttons is just a declaration for some JSX that defines some buttons appropriate to any one particular component such as GetGist or GetRepos:

const buttons = (
     <Grid item xs={12}>        

The call to GitHub should be in micros/get-user/routes/index.js. It should use:

Since we want to get private repositories, you will need to log in with your token. An approach similar to this one worked for me.

NOTE: I messed a bit with the permissions I set on the GitHub web site for my token before I could see private repositories. Perhaps it was unnecessary, but consider giving yourself the right to do anything by delete a repository at least until you get it to work one time. Recall that this is found in the Settings (developer) for your GitHub account.

Client Get Repos

Create a new page for the client called src/components/GetRepos.js. This page must use the resources from material-ui called withStyles, Paper. Typography and Button.

On the client side you should allow the user to iterate through a minimum of three public and three private repositories while displaying at least these five fields from the data returned from GitHub:

get repos


Here are the styles I want you to use. Save it as client/src/components/elf-styles.js:

import Image from '../images/grass.png';

export const styles = theme => ({
    root: {
        flexGrow: 1
    rooter: {
        paddingTop: theme.spacing.unit * 2,
        paddingBottom: theme.spacing.unit * 2,
    layout: {
        width: 'auto',
        marginLeft: theme.spacing.unit * 3,
        marginRight: theme.spacing.unit * 3,
        [theme.breakpoints.up(1100 + theme.spacing.unit * 3 * 2)]: {
            width: 1100,
            marginLeft: 'auto',
            marginRight: 'auto',
    backDiv: {
        //backgroundRepeat: 'no-repeat',
        height: '100%',
    backDiv2: {
        //backgroundRepeat: 'no-repeat',
        height: '1000px',
        backgroundImage: `url(${Image})`,
        backgroundRepeat: 'repeat'
    backDiv3: {
        backgroundColor: '#ddf3ff'
    paperLion: {
        flexGrow: 1,
        padding: theme.spacing.unit,
        textAlign: 'center',
        color: theme.palette.primary.dark
    paperLion2: {
        height: '56%',
        width: '100%',
        maxWidth: '500px',
        padding: '1%',

        color: theme.palette.primary.dark,
        backgroundColor: theme.palette.grey
    paper: {
        padding: theme.spacing.unit * 5,
        textAlign: 'center',
        color: theme.palette.primary.dark
    paperHome: {
        paddingTop: theme.spacing.unit * 2,
        paddingBottom: theme.spacing.unit * 2,
    elfTypography: {
        fontSize: theme.spacing.unit * 2
    containerDiv: {
        flexGrow: 1

Project Sanity Tests

I may change this, but for now, install jest globally

npm -g i jest

Also, in the root of your project, make sure you have done this:

  npm i @babel/plugin-proposal-class-properties @babel/preset-react @babel/preset-env @babel/core

Create a directory called project-sanity-tests in the root of your project. Navigate into and run get-tests. Choose Isit322 Midterm Project Sanity Tests. Ensure all the tests pass by the time you turn in the midterm.

Add this line to the scripts section of the package.json file in the root of the project: "test": "echo 'The project tests are not here. Navigate into project-sanity-tests and run npm test'".

File Name Purpose
Sanity.Infrastructure.js Check that client and server are in the right place with some of the right files. Check for other key files.
Sanity.MicroStructure.js Check that the Micros are in the right place with some of the right files

Client Tests

In the client/src directory create a folder called sanity-tests. Navigate into it and run get-tests. Choose Isit322 Midterm Client Tests. Ensure all the tests pass by the time you turn in the midterm.

Make it easy to run the client sanity tests by adding this to client/package.json: *"sanity-tests": "react-scripts test sanity-tests/Sanity"**.

File Name Purpose
Sanity.App.test.js Does App component contain expected features
Sanity.ClientFileStructure.test.js Check if key files exist
Sanity.GetGist.FieldChecks.test.js Does GetGist have MUI components for displaying key fields retrieved from server.
Sanity.GetGist.test.js Checks for presence and location certain DIVs, Grids
Sanity.GetRepos.test.js Checks for presence and location certain DIVs, Grids
Sanity.Layout.test.js Under development
Sanity.User.FieldChecks.test.js Does GetUser have MUI components for displaying key fields retrieved from server.

You can xdescribe a test to skip it. You can use p at runtime to filter which tests are run.

Your Tests and Utilities

I'm expecting to see:

Running npm test in my client directory:

PASS  src/tests/TestRoutes.test.js
PASS  src/tests/Qux.test.js
PASS  src/tests/GetUser.test.js
PASS  src/tests/GetGist.test.js
PASS  src/tests/App.test.js
PASS  src/tests/ElfHeader.test.js
PASS  src/sanity-tests/Sanity.GetGist.test.js
PASS  src/sanity-tests/Sanity.App.test.js

Test Suites: 8 passed, 8 total
Tests:       33 passed, 33 total
Snapshots:   0 total
Time:        2.161s
Ran all test suites.

Watch Usage: Press w to show more.

The user should be able to select the following options from the Menu:

Turn it in

Merge your work into master and tag it "Finished Midterm".

Don't forget to run all the tests, prettier, and eslint last thing before you push.