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I want to try to keep the .eslintrc.json and ElfDebugEnzyme files found in my Github gists as the primary sources: 

To insert either file into your current directory, you should be able to run the following script stored in JsObjects:


A symbolic link in your ~/bin directory should point to this script. This means you should be able to able get a gist by simply typing get-gist from any directory on your system. To get the gist, make a selection from the script's menu.

$ get-gist


  a) Run All (ESLintRc and ElfDebugEnzyme)
  b) Get ElfDebugEnzyme
  c) Get .eslintrc
  x) Exit

You'll need write permissions to write the gist in the current directory. By default, you should have such permissions in most cases.

If a symbolic link to get-gist is not in your ~/bin directory, then do the following:

Command Explanation
slb Go to ~/Git/JsObjects/Utilities/SetupLinuxBox
git pull get the latest JsObjects
./CreateSymbolicLinks create the ~/bin/get-gist symbolic link.

The original script is found here:


Here is a direct link to the script on GitHub.

Turn it in

Set up the script on your system. Run one of the commands and take a screenshot of the output. My goal is simply to ensure that you know how to use this tool, and in most cases a screenshot of the output from a run of the script should convince me that you do indeed know how it works.

The screenshot should show the menu of the script, a bit like the text I include at the overview near the top of this page.