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#Prog270 Simplified Midterm

Here is a simplified midterm. The highest possible score you can get on this version of the exam is A-, but in many cases you can expect a B or B+ as a sign that you did very well on this version of the exam. It would not be fair to give people who took the simplified exam the same score as those who took the harder exam.

Here is a video demonstrating how to complete most portions of this assignment:

##StackEdit Document

Go into and create three documents on any subject you like. Include at least one picture in each document. Possible topics include:

The pictures can come from anywhere. They need not be pictures you create. Just use the image icon at the top of StackEdit and paste in the URL of your picture. As a rule, you want to select smaller images so that they do not take up to much space on your page.

You can search for the images on the Wiki Media Commons. Use the search box on the top right. For instance, search on Mountains. Once you see an image you like:

Example results:


enter image description here

##Save as HTML and Markdown

Save your three documents as markdown and HTML. To do this, choose

Double click on your downloaded HTML file in the Windows explorer. Your HTML will appear in a browser.

Create Documents

In this step you will create documents in our shared folder on Google Drive, OneDrive and Evernote. In Google Drive and OneNote, create a folder called CreateDocs. Place your work in this folder. In Evernote, simply place the documents in your existing folder.

Use your mouse to select the contents of your HTML file as it appears in the browser. Create a new Document on Google Drive, OneDrive or Evernote Paste your selection into your Google Document.

For instance:

In some cases, the images you choose may not show up correctly in Google Drive, etc. In that case:

Please do not use the links shown above as the guide to your midterm. Instead, use the copy found on Elvenware. Use the web page, not the sample documents found on Google Drive, OneDrive or Evernote.

##Turn it in

Zip up the HTML and markdown documents you create and attach them to your assignment. If all is well, I should be able to find your CreateDocs folder on Google Drive and OneDrive, and your files on Evernote without you doing any extra work.