Node Modules Assignment

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Node Modules Assignment

Examine the NodeModules program in JsObjects.

Create a program of your own with three modules and one file that uses them. These might not be the exact names that you use for your modules, but here is the file structor I want you to follow:

The file called Server.js uses the other three modules. Place your project in a folder called Week06-NodeModules.

If your code for this course were in a folder called /Source/Prog272, then the file structure would look like this:


Don't call your files Module01, instead, invent an appropriate name for your module. The output from all the exported function should be visible after they are called from Server.js.

One of the goals of this exercise is to help you understand how to access files placed in various different locations in an express application. To understand more about this subject, read here, or reseach the subject on the web:

You can display all your output using console.log. There is no need for client side code.

In this exercise, unit tests are optional.

Be sure to:

When you are done, check in your code to Git and provide the URL of your repository when you submit the assignment.