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Go to the Discussion area in Canvas. Open the Introductions discussion. Write a short personal introduction and post a large, easy to see picture of yourself.

I am interested in, and will read, all your contributions. I often will have occasion to refer back to these documents later in the course. I should add, however, that one of the secondary goals of this assignment is to be sure that you know how to use this Canvas discussion area.

Please write a short bio that includes the following:


Don't reply to my personal introduction, reply instead at the top of the discussion area. In particular, you will see two possible places to respond to this thread. I want you to use the reply area immediately below the introductory text. If you want to comment on someone's post, then you can reply directly to their post. It is perfectly fine to comment on someone's post, it is just not the place to put your own introduction. If this is not clear, see the Week01 Discussion where an example is available.


Also include a recent, close up, picture of yourself in both your introduction, and in the Canvas Profile. Use my introduction as a guide.

NOTE: If you are having trouble posting your picture, use the Week01 discussion area to problem solve the issue with your fellow students. Problem solving is an important skill, and this is your first chance to engage in it. If you know how to do it, it is not cheating to simply post your solution in the discussion area. In fact, that is what I want you to do. The Canvas section on uploading profile pictures might help, or might just be confusing. (Later, I'll show you a technique I use to display pictures on the web.)

Note the picture I use in my post. We have lots of students in this class. I have to be able to match faces to names. To do this, I need a good picture of what you look like now. The picture should be:

Remember, I need a picture of you similar to the one you see in my personal introduction. One picture of yourself in the Canvas Profile, and another picture in the introduction post itself. The one in the introduction should be large (at least 500 X 500 and easy to see.

See the AndroidImageShare assignment for more details on taking pictures.