Express J Query Numbers

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Express jQuery Numbers

The goal of this assignment is to practice the skills you learned in the Express jQuery Assignment.

Step One

The following steps closely parallel the code in ExpressjQuery:

var MyObject = (function() {

    function MyObject() {
    return MyObject;

Test you work, making sure you can see that both Control.js and jquery.js in the network page of the Chrome Developer tools. Recall that you press F12 to bring up the developer tools, and that they are delivered in a series of pages with names like Elements, Network, Sources, etc...

Step Two

Create a JavaScript object called kipling with four properties:

Just arrange these lines a simple JavaScript object like the Marie object in the previous assignment. Make sure your JavaScript is also valid JSON by checking it on

Step Three

Create a button with an id of getKipling. The caption for the button should read "Get Kipling". Create an unordered list (ul) with the id myList. When the user clicks the button use a loop, similar to the one in ExpressjQuery, to display the properties of the kipling object.

Step Four

Add another button with the id getNumbers and the caption Get Numbers. Write a loop that displays, in myList the squares of the numbers between 5 and 15. Include the squares of both 5 and 15 in your answer. So one might start with 25, etc....

Step Five

Here is a how to clear items from a list:



Add a button to your project:

When the user clicks the button, the list should be cleared.

Turn it in

Check your project into your repository. When you make the submission remind me of the URL of your repository and specify the folder in your repository where the project resides.

When I open the folder that contains your project, I should see the code for your project, not another folder that contains the code.



Not so good:



If you want more: