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Git Course

This material is still under development.

This page provides an outline for a course on Git that will be taught August, 2017 at Bellevue College.

There are two parts to the course:

The courseware comes as a 65 page mini-book highlighting many of the main features of Git. The chapters can be found here here:

  1. Elven Git Book
  2. Download course-ware as PDF
  3. Download course-ware as EPUB

General Exercises and Assignments

  1. GitNewRepo
  2. Outdated, but useful, NewGitBucket assignment.
  3. GitDualRepos
  4. GitTag
  5. GitBranchBasics
  6. GitBranchWeeks
  7. GitBranchProject
  8. GitMerge
  9. GoogleDriveGitZip
  10. Ec2GitHtmlPictures

Code Academy Assignments

  1. CodeAcademyGit01
  2. CodeAcademyGit02
  3. CodeAcademyGit03
  4. CodeAcademyGit04

React and Git API Assignments and Exercises

  1. GitHubApi
  2. ReactReduxGitApi
  3. ReactGitMenu

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