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The Galaxy S4

The screen:

The Chips


Samsung launched the Exynos line of processors in 2010. The current group of Exynos processors are called SOCs, or System on a Chip.

Getting Help

The Galaxy S4 comes with a very nice help application. Unfortunately, it is not immediately accessible from the home screen. Instead, you need to go to the Apps view, and open it from there.

Help Icon in Apps

Help Home Screen

Help Options for Settings

Home Button

Long press to bring up the list of running apps. This is also known as the task switcher. Simply click on the app that you want to bring to the fore.

Running Apps

Tap the pie chart on the left to bring up the App Manager. Below you can see the option to view the amount of disk space used.

App Manager

Google Now Cards

From the long press on the home menu, you can also go to Google Now Cards. You can reach this same feature by simply tapping the Google search input box on the home screen.

Galaxy S4 Menu

Galaxy Menu

Special Features:

The On-off Button

The on/off button is on the right side, about 3/4 of the way up.

Long press it to bring up a screen to:

Short tap this button to

When the screen is locked, the phone is still active, but the screen is black and you can't accidentally make a phone call or start most other activities.

Easy Mode

On some devices, such as the Galaxy S4, you can switch from Standard Mode to Easy Mode. Go to:

Here are some examples of Easy Mode. All the other screen shots on this page unless explicitly stated otherwise, are of standard mode.

Here is the Home Screen in Easy Mode. Notice that there are now just two panes in addition to the Home Screen. See the little icons at the very bottom of the screen? They show icons for the home page, and the two panes.


Here is the pane located to the right of the Home Screen:


Galaxy S4 Sensors

Smart Scroll and Eye Scroll

Air View

Two Finger Swipe to see All Settings:

Two Finger Swipe

Turn on Develper Mode

Switch Keyboards

There are several different Android keyboards to choose from. I usually select Google Voice Typing.