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cscAccount Create Account Class
csc_BlackJackCheat csc_BlackJackCheat
cr Console.Readline;
cscPropCustomers Create CustomerObjects for Auto Prop Demo
cscCustInit Initialize Some Customers
cscDisplayExcel Create Display Excel Method
csc_DynamicBag Dynamic Property Bag
csc_DynamicMainBlock Main Block for the Dynamic Example
csc_employee Write employee class
csc_EmployeeConstructor Create Employee Constructor
csc_employees Employees array of literals predefined.
cscExcelMain Create Main Excel Method
csc_TestExtracts Charlie Test
fiq foreach item in query
cscGroupEnum Code snippet for destructor
cscListOfString A short list of string for demos
cscListTitle Write the ShowList and ShowTitle methods
csc_MusicAssociationLists Get Music classes arranged as association
csc_Musician Get Musician Classes
csc_MusicianLists Get Musician Classes and Lists
csc_ObjectDumper ObjectDumper
cscOfficeReplace Create Office Replacement App
cscPropertyOldStyle Currently just last name snippet
Property20 C# 2.0 Property Snippet
cscPythonMain Create Main Python Method
cscPythonUsing Create Python Using
csc_ReadTextFile csc_ReadTextFile
csc_Romans The Roman Classes
csc_SilverlightCreateMap JavaScript CreateMap Code
csc_Snippet Snippet for producing a snippet
csc01 Charlie Test
csc_Tester Create outline for test method
cscVarianceHelper Some Variance Helper Classes
cscVarianceMain MainVarianceCode
vqf Var Query = from
cscWL01 Single parameter string formater
cscWL02 Two parameter string formater
csc_WL03 csc_WL03
csc_WL04 csc_WL04
dh_aclass Code snippet for abstract class
dh_appcontext Code snippet for classes derived from System.Windows.Forms.ApplicationContext
dh_attribute Code snippet for attribute using recommended pattern
dh_bw Code snippet for BackgroundWorker using anonymous methods
dh_cctor Code snippet for type constructor
dh_checked Code snippet for checked block
dh_class Code snippet for class
dh_cr Code snippet for Console.ReadLine
dh_ctor Code snippet for constructor
dh_cw Code snippet for Console.WriteLine
dh_dc Code snippet for WCF data contract class
dh_dm Code snippet for an automatically implemented WCF [DataMember] property
dh_do Code snippet for do...while loop
dh_dw Custom code snippet for Debug.WriteLine
dh_else Code snippet for else statement
dh_enum Code snippet for enum
dh_equals Code snippet for implementing Equals() according to guidelines
dh_eventargs Code snippet for classes derived from System.EventArgs
dh_exception Code snippet for exception
dh_for Code snippet for 'for' loop
dh_foreach Code snippet for foreach statement
dh_forr Code snippet for reverse 'for' loop
dh_if Code snippet for if statement
dh_indexer Code snippet for indexer
dh_interface Code snippet for interface
dh_invoke Code snippet for safely invoking an event
dh_iterator Code snippet for a simple iterator
dh_iterindex Code snippet for 'named' iterator/indexer pair using a nested class
dh_lock Code snippet for lock statement
dh_mbox Code snippet for MessageBox.Show
dh_namespace Code snippet for namespace
dh_pclass Code snippet for partial class
dh_pf Custom code snippet for surrounding private fields within a code region.
dh_#if Code snippet for #if
dh_#region Code snippet for #region
dh_prop Code snippet for an automatically implemented property
dh_propg Code snippet for an automatically implemented property with a 'get' accessor and a private 'set' accessor
dh_sc Code snippet for WCF service contract interface
dh_sim Code snippet for int Main()
dh_sr Code snippet for string resources class
dh_struct Code snippet for struct
dh_svm Code snippet for 'void Main' method
dh_switch Code snippet for switch statement
dh_try Code snippet for try catch
dh_tryf Code snippet for try finally
dh_unchecked Code snippet for unchecked block
dh_unsafe Code snippet for unsafe statement
dh_using Code snippet for using statement
dh_while Code snippet for while loop
bind A Customer
check Check
colu Column
conn The connection string
cust A Customer
driver A Customer
dump A Customer
forord For orders
ident To insert the righ using stmts
insert A Customer
integers A Customer
log A Customer
luca To show what a snippet is
north A Customer
ndc A Customer
northwind A Customer
ObjectDumper Insert ObjectDumper File
om A Customer
sale SaleByCategory (Seafood)
select A Customer
stor Stored Proc call
submit A Customer
table To insert the righ using stmts
trans Code snippet for using statement
update A Customer
use To insert the righ using stmts
uses To insert the righ using stmts
wait A Customer
webbind A Customer
write To insert the righ cw
~ Code snippet for destructor
dim VB like declaration
Snippet for generating method stub with a body