About Charlie

I've been working with computers and writing code in one form or another for about 30 years. I started out with Turbo Pascal and Delphi, spent time with Java, C++, Python, and Perl, and then spent a number of years working in C#. Recently my focus has been on teaching JavaScript, HTML and CSS at Bellevue College. My focus is on Node JS, ES6, React and Express.

Charlie on a sunny day.

I've spent most of my career in industry, working first for Borland, then for a start-up in Silicon Valley, and until a few years ago I was at Microsoft on the C# team. Over the last few years, I've been interested primarily in Agile Development, the cloud and various mobile devices.

In my classes, I explore the ways we write web and mobile applications that use Cloud services. I'm also looking to learn new ways to use virtual machines, cloud resources, and mobile devices.

I enjoy hiking, snow-shoeing, swimming, reading and watching movies. I also like to write. I'm known in the computer world primarily as a book author: My Books

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