This site shows how to answer most of the questions on the MidTerm and Final. You can download a zipped copy of the midterm site from here and the final site from here. You can learn more about maps here.

Tags Used on this Page

On this page follows the basic design of nearly all the pages used on this site:

The nav is empty. I'm using JQuery to fill it in dynamically. This way I can define the nav once and reuse it on each page. The price I pay is that this page will not work correctly with browsers that do not support JavaScript.

There are borders around the nav, article and footer, but not around the header. This makes the various sections of the document easy to find. Finding them is important, since most of the test involved manipulating them in various ways.


This tag allows us to say which version of a particular browser we might be targeting. By setting the value to edge, as we do here, we say that we always want to target the most recent version of IE. This is risky, but in the spirit of our course. Read more here.

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You need to understand the following tags: