Updating Elvenware Site

I have done some work recently updating this site. You can read about the process I undertook by visiting these Wiki pages:

As mentioned in these pages, I placed some of my data in a spreadsheet. I also produced some of the content forĀ Site Content page, which should make Elvenware easier to navigate. Not easy, mind you, but easier.

What’ On My Mind

I was writing an email to a student, and realized that it in it I summorized much of what is is on my mind these days. Here is a list of many of my current interests:

  • HTML5, CSS and JavaScript
  • Building native mobile applications with PhoneGap and/or the Android SDK
  • Building web based Services with PHP, Python and possibly other tools such as Microsoft Azure.
  • Exploring server side tools such as Azure, Amazon Web Services and other similar platforms
  • Programming and enhancing standard web applications such as WordPress, MediaWiki, Google Services and sites like Kodingen

As always, I’m interested in all things having to do with C#, with an emphasis on Silverlight and WPF.


This is the first blog hosted on Elvenware and this is the first post on this blog.

This is a WordPress blog. My web hosts does not give me root access to my site, so I was at first unclear how to set up this site. I ended up setting it up on Windows, using the Microsoft Web Platform Installer, which automated the entire process. I then simply copied the site over to Elvenware using SFTP. I set up a MySQL database on Elvenware, edited the wp-config.php file, then browsed to my admin site for the blog. It asked me to set up the site, which meant in this case that it would create the necessary tables in the database for me. I had to fill in a few simple fields, and then I was up and running. More information.